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"Hance Inc's Enterprise Content Management solutions will let your organization leverage content to create new opportunities, expand profits, and realize greater savings and efficiencies."

Hance Inc's enterprise content management (ECM) solutions are being built upon a family of ECM products that work together and work with the enterprise software investments that organizations have already made.

Each of these products has a role in helping customers control, manage and share their content, optimize their business processes, integrate with their existing enterprise applications, and deliver their entire inventory of content in a personalized fashion to the customer’s choice of devices.

Our Content management products address the entire spectrum of ECM requirements, and fall into the categories outlined below.

Content Management Product Categories

Web Content Management. For organizations that require a large, complex Web presence, Hance Inc ’s Web content management products support Web site creation, management, process automation, publishing and analytics.
Portals. For organizations that need to deliver personalized access to applications and information, Hance Inc ’s portal products enable the rapid development and delivery of highly customizable Web applications.
Document and Records Management. For organizations needing complete control over the lifecycle of business content, particularly records, Hance Inc’s document and records management products enable the capture, processing and archiving of virtually all types of content.
Document Imaging. For organizations wanting to reduce or eliminate their reliance on paper documents, Hance Inc’s document imaging products support high-performance document digitization, storage and integration, producing complete views of cases, customers or patients.
Content Integration. For organizations that want to incorporate existing IT investments in their content-based systems, Hance Inc’s content integration products provide simple, graphical integration links to virtually any application, platform or protocol.


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